The Douglas County Democratic Party was established in 1956, as a subdivision of the Colorado Democratic Party. Douglas County has the fastest-growing population of Democrats in the nation.  DCDP is a vibrant community-spirited organization.

Over the years, the party has grown and evolved from the original "two Douglas County Democrats" to more than 43,000 registered Democrats. We continue to grow and promote candidates for public office and provide a forum for issues and ideas which we believe to be of benefit to all citizens of Douglas County.

The Democratic Party was founded by the great philosopher and statesman Thomas Jefferson, on a profound faith that people are the proper objects of governmental concern and should form the final repository of political power. Beginning with these basic beliefs, the Democratic Party has formulated certain attitudes, concepts, principles and ideas which constitute its basic philosophy. As an active agent for the betterment of the human condition, the Democratic Party had led the fight to ensure working Americans fair wages and safe working conditions, to end racism and discrimination, and for all Americans to have a voice and a role in our government. Promoting education and job opportunities, care for the elderly and disabled, helping insure health care for all Americans, and preservation of our natural heritage and resources are key issues that Democrats share in their concern and involvement. It is through our creativity and leadership that progress occurs, but without the energy and support of individuals, we cannot progress.

In 1962, President John F. Kennedy said in the State of the Union Address that

“ a strong America cannot neglect the aspirations of its citizens—the welfare of the needy, the health care of the elderly, the education of the young. For we are not developing the nation’s wealth for its own sake. Wealth is the means—and the people are the ends.”

Of all the counties in Colorado, ours will see the biggest changes in coming years. Voters will turn their attention to pressing local issues such as transportation, water, sustainable growth, education, and health care - wanting government to use its resources in ways that directly improve our lives.

We aim to live our vision of community: working to improve the quality of life for all Douglas County residents; making the county and state a great place to raise a family and start a business; preserving the democracy and freedom we all cherish; and taking seriously our responsibility to each other and to the world.

During 2003-2004, the Douglas Democrats went through an incubation phase, building harmonious relationships among the area's Democrats and nurturing a new grassroots movement. We discovered in the 2004 campaign that we could be highly organized, that not only are there a great number of Democrats in the county, but they are skilled and motivated.

So in March of 2005, our focus shifted to rapid growth. We elected a new slate of officers and built a larger organization, learning from our extensive network of contacts with other Metro counties, but aiming to improve on their accomplishments — in organization, technology, visibility, and effectiveness. In 2009 the baton was passed once again, to continue building the strong base needed to change our county. We are small business owners, artists, professionals, and parents of small children: the demographic mainstream of Douglas County, a nucleus for a major shift in voter attitudes.

You are a critical part of this change. As donors and volunteers, you make it possible to realize this vision. You attract people to our cause simply by living your values and giving to the community. It's an honor to work with you all and a challenge to keep up with you!