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We are the Douglas County Democrats, over 47,000 strong, who believe in personal freedoms – religion, speech, the basic right to choose on a variety of issues. We are inclusive, valuing all people. And, we are part of the Colorado Democratic Party – responsible for the grassroots political activities that happen in all the precincts of our county.

The Douglas County Democrats are also a strong resource for all local, state and federal Democratic candidates – we work on phone banks, canvassing, support and fundraising, we participate in county and city fairs, and we bring people together to work toward the greater good of all.

Welcome, we look forward to getting to know you.

Our History

While Democrats have been present in Douglas County since the Colorado territory was first organized in 1861, the modern-day party can trace its roots and organization to 1956. A program booklet from the Douglas County Jane Jefferson Club’s meeting on July 24, 1958, highlights the early activism of the county Democrats.

Since the 1980s, the Douglas County Democratic Party has remained active in this very rural farming and ranching community, participating in parades and events such as the Douglas County Fair and Rodeo and the Parker Days Festival. In 1988, the party even purchased a prize-winning lamb from the County Fair. Today, Douglas County’s population is quickly growing and transitioning to more suburban than rural. This growth also brings a large influx of Democrats.

Elbert County was originally a part of Douglas County, and even though the counties were separated in the 1870s, the County parties have remained close through the years, co-hosting events and cooperating on a range of issues. As the population of the county has grown, politicians from Denver have spent more attention and time with the Douglas County Democrats, including former Congressman Tim Wirth and Governor Roy Romer.

Several Douglas County Democrats have achieved prominence and success in politics over the years, including Gail Schoettler, who served as President of the Douglas County School Board, State Treasurer from 1987-1995, and Lieutenant Governor of Colorado from 1995 -1999. She unsuccessfully ran for Governor in 1998, losing by a few thousand votes. Other Democrats have served successfully in many positions in Douglas County and the state.

Today the Democratic Party remains active in the day-to-day issues that affect all residents of Douglas County and our members are committed to preserving and expanding the liberties and rights of all citizens.

Former Chairs

Mike Jones

Sarah Mann

Paul Thompson

Ralph Jollensten

Ernie Felix

Pat Nagorka

Jerry Frunzi

Maggie Larsen

Barbara O’Grady

Linda Caccione

Dana Thompson

Kyle Timmons

Edie Green

LeRoy Nitsch

“Red” VanderVegt

Jack Williams

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