Committee Mission Statements

Audit Committee

Chair – TBD 

Mission: This committee conducts audits of the county party’s finances. 

Communications Committee

Chair – Barrett Rothe  Send Message

Mission:  This committee promotes the outreach interests of the Douglas County Democratic Party, serves as a press liaison and trains candidates in communications methods and best practices. This committee provides technology resources such as recreating and maintaining the Douglas County Democratic Party’s website, delivering online collaborative tools, and creating social media platforms for internal users and members throughout the county.

Diversity Committee

Chair  –  Danielle Young-Kombo Send Message

Mission: This committee strives to provide inclusivity for all underserved and underrepresented groups in Douglas County.  We are effective when the most diverse communities are present and share their challenges to establish roots in our county, and we seek to incorporate them into the vibrant fabric that we call home.

Document and Analytics Management Committee 

Chair – Dan Smith Send Message

Mission: This committee is broken into two subcommittees.  The Data and Analytics subcommittee seeks to provide seeks to provide decision support for party leadership and local candidates. The Documents Management subcommittee seeks to provide a
standardized and efficient way of storing relevant party information so that it is comprehensive, useful, and easy to find.  

Elections/Compliance Committee

Chair – Michelle Leuenberger Send Message

Mission: This committee supports Douglas County candidates by providing support and education to help meet compliance requirements. 

Energy and Environment Initiative Committee 

Chair – Mark Hendrickson Send Message

Mission: The EEI Committee ensure that a concerted effort is made to protect our environment.  Projects may include focusing on local climate emergency actions, identifying and training Democratic candidates who are well-educated about energy and environmental issues, providing testimony at Douglas County hearings on water supply, and taking inventory of groundwater impurities in private wells. 

Events Committee

Chair– Sam Jarris Send Message

Mission: This committee is the umbrella, oversight committee for planning and execution of all major events that occur on behalf of the Douglas County Democrats. 

Executive Committee

Chair – Dana Torpey-Newman Send Message

Mission: The Executive Committee is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Douglas County Democratic Party (DCDP). Under the direction of the Party Chair, this committee’s functions range from volunteer coordination to overall policy implementation, in accordance with Party Rules. It consists of all officers of the DCDP, chairs of the committees, chairs of the State House and Senate Districts, and elected
Democratic officials who reside within the county. 

Finance Committee

Chair – TBD 

Mission: This committee provides oversight of fundraising and expenditures made for the benefit of the Douglas County Democrats. 

Fundraising Committee 

Chair – Lyndsey Quist Send Message

Mission: This committee raises funds to pay for party business, including event spaces liability insurance for events, campaign literature, etc. 

Legal Counsel

Chair – TBD 

Misision: Legal counsel provides ongoing legal advice, as necessary, to the Douglas County Democratic Party Executive Committee. 

Membership Committee

Chair – Gazala Hays Send Message

Mission: This committee identifies and connects with newly registered Democrats in Douglas County.  We will foster a relationship with new members by including them in social events. And also by inviting them to attend district meetings, community engagements, meeting candidates, encouraging activism and participation with like-minded individuals.  Our focus will be to update and ensure voter registration, so as to grow an active, vibrant Democratic Party in Douglas County. 

Platform Committee

Chair – Delana Mullins Maynes Send Message

Mission: This committee creates the political platform for the Douglas County Democratic Party in order to accurately disseminate the values and principles for which the party stands.

Political Affairs Committee

Chair – Howard Chou Send Message 

Mission: This committee recruits and trains candidates and campaign managers to train candidates for non-partisan positions, including the HRCA, IREA and town councils.

Policy and Activism Committee


This committee engages Democrats, the local public and the local government on issues to bring about progressive change.  Activities include meetings, participation in hearings, communication, demonstrations, petitioning, leafleting, coordination with other Democratic Party committees and other progressive organizations, where possible.  The implementation of the County, State and National Party platform planks affecting Douglas County, Colorado for public benefit through public participation is the desired result. 

Rules Committee

Chair – Wayne Flournoy Send Message

Mission: This committee ensures that the Douglas County Democrats are up-to-date on any rule changes that occur in the overlapping geographic and jurisdictional regions. 

Senior Engagement Committee

Chair – Jack Lane Send Message

Mission: This committee gives seniors in Douglas County and Colorado, who are recognized as a major force in elections, an opportunity to voice their concerns and issues as well as influence elections. 

Young Democrats Committee

Chair – Sydney Ludwick and Vice Chair – Braeden Miguel Send Message

Mission: This committee holds the belief that the youth of the nation is the future of the Democratic Party.  Our existence is to serve and represent the young age group between the ages of fifteen to forty so that their voices and interests are heard in Douglas
County.  We believe that youth empowerment is in the best interests of the Democratic Party and the nation.