DCDP Committees

Committee Mission Statements

Affirmative Action / Outreach Committee

Chair – Michelle Fix-Westall, Send Message

This committee prepares a county affirmative action plan in compliance with the Colorado Democratic Party (CDP) and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) guidelines, submits the plan for consideration and approval of the Central Committee, and monitors its implementation.

Audit Committee

Chair – Yvonne Vasilauskas, Send Message

This committee performs an audit of the treasurer’s accounts, for the previous two-year term, and submits the audit for approval by the Executive Committee and ratification by the Central Committee.

Central Committee

Chair – Maritza Carrera, Send Message

The Central Committee is the main governing body of the Douglas County Democratic Party (DCDP). It meets several times a year and approves the overall direction and focus of the party. Each Precinct is represented in the Central Committee by two Precinct Committee People.

Citizen Activist Committee

Chair – Erica Bullock-Jones, Send Message

This Committee is a resource for Douglas County Democrats and other concerned citizens by conducting training and providing information and education on how to be an effective activist and advocate.

Election Liaison

Chair – Mike Jones, Send Message

The Election Liaison is the go-between for Douglas County Democratic Party (DCDP) and the Douglas County Clerk, ensuring we are aware of any updates or critical information. The liaison also resolves any issues that may arise between DCDP and the county.

Executive Committee

Chair – Maritza Carrera, Send Message

The Executive Committee is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Douglas County Democratic Party (DCDP). Under the direction of the Party Chair, this committee’s functions range from volunteer coordination to overall policy implementation, in accordance with Party Rules. It consists of all officers of the DCDP, chairs of the committees, chairs of the State House and Senate Districts, and elected Democratic officials who reside within the county.

Finance Committee

Chair – Patrick Wellman, Send Message

This committee supports the Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer in developing an annual budget. It also reviews and discusses the income statements and the Secretary of State’s TRACER reports. This committee also develops fundraising goals and plans. This group also also develops and provides data analytics that support fundraising activities.

Gala Dinner Committee

Chair – Holly Schmadeke , Send Message

This committee is in charge of organizing our largest Fund Raiser of the Year, Our Gala Dinner Event

Legal Counsel

Chair – Randy Dunn

Legal counsel provides ongoing legal advice, as necessary, to the Douglas County Democratic Party Executive Committee.

Membership Committee

Chair – Bob Husson, Send Message

This committee identifies newly registered Democrats in Douglas County and provides them with information about the Douglas County Democratic Party. This group provides the contact information of the newly-registered Democrats to their respective Precinct Captains and Precinct Committee Persons (PCPs) for further party communications.

Platform Committee

Chair – Michelle Fix-Westall, Send Message

This committee reviews platform items suggested at caucus, organizes the county platform for presentation at the county convention, and meets with the Colorado Democratic Party until all platform items are organized and accepted.

Political Campaign Committee

Chair – Bette Davis, Send Message 

This committee shall serve as a resource and/or mentor for local Democratic candidates, per the Chair’s request.

Rules Committee

Chair – Charles Bucknam, Send Message

This committee keeps the Plan of Organization and Rules of the Douglas County Democratic Party of Colorado up to date. These documents constitute our bylaws. The Rules are based on the Colorado Democratic Party Plan of Organization and Rules, Colorado Revised Statutes and the Charter and Bylaws of the Democratic Party of the United States.

Additionally, as the procedures of the county party and the source documents change over time, the committee reviews proposed amendments to the Rules and Policies developed by the County Executive Committee before publishing them in the County Central Committee meeting notice and presenting them for approval at the meeting.

Technology Committee

Chair – Tricia Long:  Send Message

This committee provides technology resources such as recreating and maintaining the Douglas County Democratic Party’s website, delivering online collaborative tools, and creating social media platforms for internal users and members throughout the county.

Young Democrats Committee

Contact – Sydney Ludwick Send Message

This committee serves as an additional resource for voters under 35 years of age. It serves as an advocate for the Young Democrats of Douglas County on the Executive Committee

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