Executive Committee

The Douglas County Democratic Executive Committee is an entity of the Colorado Democratic Party, and is the official governing body of the Douglas County Democratic Party (DCDP). The Executive Committee manages county-wide issues, races and oversees the running of the DCDP.

The Executive Committee is headed by the Chair of the party and has a 1st Vice Chair, a 2nd Vice Chair a Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer. These 7 Officers are elected members.

Additionally, The District Chairs, and District Captains are also elected, and are members of the Executive Committee. The appointed members are the Chairs of specific Committees, and are selected by the DCDP County Chair; they bring special resources, talent and diversity to the DCDP.
Former County Chairs are lifetime members of the Executive Committee

District Captains

Castle Rock

Michael Hays

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Michael Hupp

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Highlands Ranch

Paula Smith

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Cathy Lees

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Lyndsey Quist

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Sandi Ault

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House District Chairs

House District 43

Jennifer Mitkowski
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House District 44

 Amy Long

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House District 45

Elaine Flournoy

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Senate & District Chairs

Senate District 4

Shaun Sindelman

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Senate District 30

Joe Wilson

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DCDP Committee Chairs

All Chairs of DCDP Committees are apart of the Executive Committee. The chairs of these committees are by appointment.


Dana Torpey-Newman

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1st Vice Chair

Tim Hicks

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2nd Vice Chair

Karen Hester

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Delana Maynes

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Asst. Secretary

Candy Kane

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Angie Hicks

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Asst. Treasurer

Shelley Becker

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Former Chairs

Maritza Carrera

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Mike Jones

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Ralph Jollensten

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Sarah Mann

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