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2018 Elections – U.S. House of Representatives

Congressional District 4 Candidates

Chase Kohne

Candidate for Congress – 4th District

Chase Kohne is a veteran who continues to serve in the US Army Reserve. When he is not serving his country, he runs his own large animal veterinarian practice. A small business owner and father, Chase has been concerned over the direction of the country under Republican leadership. He believes that progressive values are American values, and that Colorado’s 4th District deserves a leader who represents these values.

Learn more at chasekohneforcongress.com

Richard Lyons Weil

Candidate for Congress – 4th District

Richard Lyons Weil desire to serve was inspired by the writings of his father. After his father volunteered to serve in World War II in 1942, he vowed to write his parents a letter everyday he was at war. Reading these amazing compilation of letters letters as a child had a profound impact on Richard, teaching him the value and importance of service—both to your fellow man and your country.
I am an American citizen, attorney, and economist, interested in serving my country with common sense solutions to America’s most challenging problems. My commitment to make a difference inspired me to become a 2018 candidate for Congressman in Colorado’s 4th Congressional District

Richard Lyons Weil is a practicing attorney and economist. He was one of 32 Democratic candidates in the 2016 New Hampshire Presidential Primary.

He authored the book”Pocketbook of Politics – My Plan to Reboot America”, which concisely set forth common sense solutions to our political process.

He was also executive producer of “Love Letters:A Legacy of Torment and Addiction” which received the Best Documentary Award from the Denver Underground Film Festival, 2009.

Learn more at weilforcongress.com


Karen McCormick

Candidate for Congress – 4th District

Karen’s father served 30 years in the US Navy dedicating his career to our nation, retiring as a Rear Admiral. Her upbringing instilled a clear sense of what it means to be American. She has two brothers. One a Naval Academy graduate, a former fighter pilot and the second owns an aerospace company in Colorado. Her mother also lives in Colorado. Married to a native Coloradan and living in Longmont for 22 years, they have raised 3 daughters. Colorado is home.

Her career began at the University of Florida with a BS in Agriculture, and then her DVM degree. She practiced small animal medicine for 33 years, owning a very successful hospital in Colorado, employing 24 people with
a budget of 2 million. She now serves as a communications coach at CSU.

Volunteer work is important to Karen. A board member for two animal related non-profits, Project V.E.T.S and ViDAS and currently a volunteer English teacher for the non-profit Intercambio. Karen continues her life of service by running for Congress in Colorado’s 4th District.

Learn more at mccormickforcongress.org

Len Sistek, Jr

Candidate for Congress – 4th District

Mr. Sistek has earned significant accomplishments as a leader in military and veterans’ issues.  He has nearly a decade of experience working veterans’ issues with Congress, having served as Staff Director for the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee of the House Veterans Affairs Committee, as Chief of Staff for a Member of Congress, and as Director, of VA Congressional and Legislative Affairs Service. 

He previously was Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Reserve Affairs, Manpower and Personnel. In this capacity, he was the principal advisor for all manpower, personnel, compensation, medical, and quality of life matters involving the reserve components of the United States – the Army and Air National Guard, and the Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard and Naval Reserve — totaling 1.3 million service members at the time.  Len exercised policy guidance in a host of functional areas including manpower utilization, requirements determination, and personnel data systems, personnel accession and retention, compensation and incentive programs, promotion and separation issues. He conceived and initiated a Senior Enlisted Advisor Forum attended by the Secretary of Defense and other senior civilian and military officials.  This forum brought together over 60 Senior Enlisted Advisors and their spouses worldwide to address problems that may have otherwise gone unnoticed by commissioned senior leaders.

Prior to his appointment in the DoD, Mr. Sistek was a consultant to several Federal agencies and components in matters related to the implementation of results-oriented, quality and information technology management systems compatible with the initiatives of the National Performance Review and the Government Performance and Results Act.  This, in part, included work with the Defense Intelligence Agency in developing a working model to enhance effectiveness in compliance with the Act.

In 1997-98, prior to his retirement from the U.S. Air Force, he was detailed to the White House/Executive Office of the President as a key architect and custodian of an assessment system for America’s Drug Control effort and was the co-author of a national policy document – The Performance Measures of Effectiveness for the National Drug Control Strategy.  The document received highly positive comments during peer review.

Len served over 20 years in the United States Air Force.  In addition to serving with the Executive Office of the President, he was a Command Pilot with over 2800 flying hours, including Instructor and Flight Evaluator responsibilities and as a staff officer in various operational and joint-departmental functions, including highly selective duty as a National-level nuclear Emergency Action Officer.  He holds a Master of Science in Human Resources and has thus far completed all but his dissertation requirement for the award of a PhD in Management.  He completed Air War College in 1994.  He resides in Franktown, CO with his wife Joanne and their two horses, Casanova and Harmony.

Learn more at lensistekforcongress.com


2018 Elections – U.S. House of Representatives

Congressional District 6 Candidates

Jason Crow

Candidate for Congress – 6th District

Jason Crow, a first-time candidate for public office, served three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan with both conventional and special operations units, receiving a Bronze Star. Since leaving the military, he
has launched a successful legal career and has advised state and federal officials on national security, military, and veterans issues, including serving as the chair of the committee that brought the new VA Hospital to Aurora.

Jason is married to Dr. Deserai Anderson Crow, a Professor at the University of Colorado Denver who specializes in local and state-level environmental policy. They have two young children who are fifth generation Coloradans.

Learn more at jasoncrowforcongress.com

Erik Stanger

Candidate for Congress – 6th District

I entered this race to be a countering force of good. To reverse the tide of radicalism and polarization, get both sides working together, and to give entrenched career politicians the boot. My approach to politics is the same as my personal philosophy: absolute transparency and transformative progress. That means being personally accountable and accessible.

When Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast I volunteered for the recovery effort. During Hurricane Wilma, the torrential winds broke power lines and trees, causing panic, blackouts, and massive damage. When the power went out my neighbors needed essential supplies, I rode on a bicycle with food, water, and medical supplies through the storm to reach the isolated victims. Afterwards my family donated clothing and cleared debris and I volunteered to package food to distribute at local homeless shelters.

Working to the middle income arena, I was faced with a moral dilemma: sell out everything that was good about myself, about other people, just to make it up the ladder to being wealthy. I refused to do it. I have no stocks. No investments. I refuse all donations from Oil companies, Wall Street banks, and SuperPACs. It was working as a Systems Manager when I saw entire industries, including the tech industry of which I was part of, have the majority of jobs sent overseas. I was one of millions of Americans that had outsourcing impact a career earned by the dilligent hard work of getting an education and fostering connections in the community. Instead of selling those skills, I have translated them into a program that provides free assistance finding and fixing computers for low income individuals and families in Aurora and Centennial.

I moved two-thirds of the way across America and found my true home in Colorado to make this possible. I’m a worker. A maker. A coder. A DiYer. I believe that to get a job done right, sometimes you need to do it yourself. That’s why I’m inviting you to join this community-driven grassroots effort to inject new blood into our Congress that badly needs a transfusion of new ideas.

Learn more at ericforcolorado.xyz



Levi Tillemann

Candidate for Congress – 6th District

Levi Tillemann is a Colorado native and expert on renewable energy, technology policy and innovation. He is the author of The Great Race: The Global Quest for the Car of the Future. A Yale graduate with a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins, Levi served as a policy advisor to the Obama Energy Department and is currently managing partner at Valence Strategic. Levi will fight for opportunity, equality, and justice for the people of Colorado.

Learn more at leviforcolorado.com

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