Federal Elections

2018 Elections – U.S. House of Representatives

Congressional District 4 Candidates

Larry Germanson

Candidate for Congress – 4th District

I believe Congress has the capability to set aside partisanship and work together for the good of the country. By electing me, the people of Colorado’s Congressional District 4 can expect me to facilitate these discussions, work to increase bi-partisanship, and to seek workable, affordable solutions to long term concerns.

My image of America as a strong defender of Freedom in times of maximum peril and a people compassionate, courageous, and preserving has been constant throughout my careers. It is with this image of America that I seek to serve you as your representative in Congress. We are stronger together.

As a strong advocate of the Open Door Policy, I am actively gathering input and concerns from the people living in Colorado Congressional District 4, and have frequently heard that they feel frustrated about our dysfunctional and divided Congress.

Voting for me will aid in changing Coloradans view of Congress, since I will make every effort using my knowledge of psychology and human interactions to increase bi-partisanship and work toward the greater good America.

Learn more at germansonforuscongress.com

Chase Kohne

Candidate for Congress – 4th District

Chase Kohne is a veteran who continues to serve in the US Army Reserve. When he is not serving his country, he runs his own large animal veterinarian practice. A small business owner and father, Chase has been concerned over the direction of the country under Republican leadership. He believes that progressive values are American values, and that Colorado’s 4th District deserves a leader who represents these values.

Learn more at chasekohneforcongress.com

Karen McCormick

Candidate for Congress – 4th District

Karen’s father served 30 years in the US Navy dedicating his career to our nation, retiring as a Rear Admiral. Her upbringing instilled a clear sense of what it means to be American. She has two brothers. One a Naval Academy graduate, a former fighter pilot and the second owns an aerospace company in Colorado. Her mother also lives in Colorado. Married to a native Coloradan and living in Longmont for 22 years, they have raised 3 daughters. Colorado is home.

Her career began at the University of Florida with a BS in Agriculture, and then her DVM degree. She practiced small animal medicine for 33 years, owning a very successful hospital in Colorado, employing 24 people with
a budget of 2 million. She now serves as a communications coach at CSU.

Volunteer work is important to Karen. A board member for two animal related non-profits, Project V.E.T.S and ViDAS and currently a volunteer English teacher for the non-profit Intercambio. Karen continues her life of service by running for Congress in Colorado’s 4th District.

Learn more at mccormickforcongress.org

2018 Elections – U.S. House of Representatives

Congressional District 6 Candidates

David Aarestad

Candidate for Congress – 6th District

Hearing Congressman Coffman pledge to replace Obamacare with Trumpcare has inspired me to run for Congress.

When my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, my son was five months old and my daughter was two years old. We did not know what the next few months would bring. If I lost my job, how long could I afford COBRA? My wife would be either in cancer treatment or a cancer survivor, any lapse in coverage and what would we have? My daughter has Down Syndrome, what would happen to her?

My story is not unique. Many many other families in this state have also fought cancer and juggled the challenges of raising great children while needing two incomes to pay the bills. Obamacare expanded necessary care to tens of thousands of families like mine in our district who need support to keep their kids, parents and spouses alive.

Congressman Coffman has voted with Trump 93% percent of the time, and supported Trumpcare — the only member of Congress from Colorado to do so from either party. TrumpCare would have devastated struggling families like mine.

I am a candidate for Congress because families from this district NEED a representative who understands their struggles and works toward solutions to the problems they face. My family lives those struggles every day, so I ask for your vote and your support so that I can work to help support the hard working families of Colorado’s 6th Congressional District.

Learn more at coloradansforaarestad.com

Jason Crow

Candidate for Congress – 6th District

Jason Crow, a first-time candidate for public office, served three combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan with both conventional and special operations units, receiving a Bronze Star. Since leaving the military, he
has launched a successful legal career and has advised state and federal officials on national security, military, and veterans issues, including serving as the chair of the committee that brought the new VA Hospital to Aurora.

Jason is married to Dr. Deserai Anderson Crow, a Professor at the University of Colorado Denver who specializes in local and state-level environmental policy. They have two young children who are fifth generation Coloradans.

Learn more at jasoncrowforcongress.com

Levi Tillemann

Candidate for Congress – 6th District

Levi Tillemann is a Colorado native and expert on renewable energy, technology policy and innovation. He is the author of The Great Race: The Global Quest for the Car of the Future. A Yale graduate with a Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins, Levi served as a policy advisor to the Obama Energy Department and is currently managing partner at Valence Strategic. Levi will fight for opportunity, equality, and justice for the people of Colorado.

Learn more at leviforcolorado.com

2020 Elections – U.S. Senate

Candidates for U.S. Senate

Derrick Blanton

Candidate for U.S. Senate

Derrick Blanton is a food service worker who runs a statewide tour of ‘Colorado Needs You To Run For Office’ events encouraging other working class people to also run for office who will not take corporate or special interest money. The key platforms of the campaign are universal health care, racial justice, and campaign finance reform.

Derrick does not believe true progress can be made until working people rise up and demand a higher standard of living that includes a living wage, health care for all, paid family leave, tuition-free higher public education, and a fundamental shift to promoting personal renewable energy independence by running for office and having those views represented. Derrick wants you to know that Colorado needs you to run for office.

Learn more at unpaidprotestersforcolorado.com

Dustin Leitzel

Candidate for U.S. Senate

Dustin Leitzel is a Critical Care Pharmacist running for US Senate in 2020. He moved to Castle Rock in 1994 when his father was stationed at Buckley Air National Guard base. After earning his Doctor of Pharmacy at the University of Wyoming and completing a residency in Spokane, Washington Dustin returned to Denver and has called Colorado home ever since. A lifelong Democrat, Dustin serves as a Precinct Chair Person for his home precinct.

Learn more at leitzelforcolorado.com

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