Message From the Chair: Thank you !

Maritza Carrera, Chair

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To our wonderful friends: Bob Husson and Chuck Patrick.

Thank you for your friendship.
Thank you for your contribution to our community
You are a great loss, and will sorely missed.
Thank you!


We had such a great two years, and ready to start our County’s Biennial Re-Organization process.  We will have some returning and many new faces for our next two years at our Executive Committee.
We thank every one of you who served on the Executive Committee from February 2017 to February 2019


To our Executive Committee members
To our Officers

  • To Our Previous Generations of Activists, who are the creators our county party.  They organized, when our numbers were so small.  They paved the road for the rest of us.  You were Relentless!
  • To My Generation of Activist, who embraced the previous generation, learned from their mistakes, from their successes, and hand in hand with them.  Thank you for organizing our County, and growing our numbers.  You surpassed all of our goals.  You were Persistent!
  • To the New Generation: You are getting a well oiled machine.  Grow it, and make it better.  Be Fierce!
  • To every single Activist and Community Organizer:  Thank you, we could simply not make it without you!  
  • To Our Success!!!
Maritza Carrera,

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