Message From the Chair: Let's Get Out The Vote and Keep Our Beautiful Colorado Blue!

Maritza Carrera, Chair

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Let’s Get Out The Vote and Keep Our Beautiful Colorado Blue!!

“With your help, we can win and take back seats up and down the ticket, all the way down to our county races, because we have candidates who support the rule of law, women’s rights and equal rights for all, economic justice, environmental stewardship, the right to health care, and so many other 21st Century commonsense principles held by a vast majority of Americans all over the country, even in red states. These principles stand in stark contrast to the Trump Party’s thinly disguised espousal of hate, greed, misogyny, inequality, corporate despotism, and economic exploitation that combine to erode the very core of American values.”

We can’t longer hope for a Blue Wave, we must Shoot on having a Blue Tsunami, and we can only create it together!

We thank every single one of you who volunteers, attends events, and is involved
We are successful only because of you!

Maritza Carrera

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