Message From the Chair: Let's Be the Blue Fierce Wave!

Maritza Carrera, Chair

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Let’s Be the Fierce Blue Wave!!

Hello Douglas County Democrats!

We must start this month with the wise and energizing words of Senator Elizabeth Warren:

“Remember what it was like 100 days out from the 2016 election?
The Democratic convention had just finished up, and things were looking pretty darn great for Democrats everywhere:

Russ Feingold had a double-digit lead in most of the polls in WisconsinI Pennsylvania,
Katie McGinty had a seven-point lead in her Senate race.
It looked like Jason Kander had a real shot at winning in Missouri
And, of course, Hillary Clinton led Donald Trump in the polls – and most people didn’t think it was close.
But it didn’t last. Powerful interest groups and their billionaire donors backed dump trucks full of money into these races. In the last few weeks of the 2016 election, it was just too late to fight back.
Today, we’re less than 100 days out from the 2018 election – and we can’t afford to be out-raised, outworked, or out-hustled this time.
If you think there will be a Blue Wave, you must look at yourself, you must look at your like minded neighbors and friends.
The Blue Wave will not arrive in Colorado nor Douglas County by itself.
WE are the Blue Wave, and it can arrive in Douglas County full of strength, or it can be a very lame wave.  It is up to every single one of us.
Let us make it a FIERCE one!

We are working quite diligently in organizing our precincts, our PCPs and to bring voters to the ballots.  Please be ready to roll up your sleeves and help us make a difference.
We are committed to working hard for our candidates, and being part of the Blue Wave.
We will be ready and hope you are too!

If not now, then when?
Do you want to help your Precinct Leader organize your precinct, contact us and we will gladly connect you with your Precinct Committee Person!

We thank every single one of you who volunteers, attends events, and is involved
We are successful only because of you!

Maritza Carrera

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