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Maritza Carrera, Chair

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It is always wonderful to connect with yet another fellow Democrat in Douglas County. I am glad you were able to find us through our Website. My name is Maritza Carrera and I am the Chair of the Douglas County Democratic Party.

We are not the same old Democratic Party anymore. We are an energetic, enthusiastic and social group of people. We emphasize Community building over the usual turnoffs like volunteering and fundraising. As a result we have built a vibrant community that allows friends to work together at promoting our values, ideals and candidates in Douglas County.

We also strive to make our community a place for our members to express themselves and find support to pursue their progressive projects. Mostly, we are action oriented. The environment that we have created allows us to rely on a large group of vested Progressives, who participate in the life of our County, project our ideals and run effective campaigns.

We hope you can make one of our many activities in the near future. We have various monthly District meeting, where we bring great speakers focusing on timely issues. Attending monthly District meetings is essential to building the local democratic network, and achieving results in our community. It is also a great way to enhance your social life with like-minded people!

We are very glad you have connected with us, and hope you will enjoy making a difference in your neighborhood, as much as we do.

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