Message from the Chair

Dana Torpey-Newman, Chair

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Recently, our party elected new officers and we are so excited to keep building on the foundation laid down by past Executive Committees. First and foremost, we want to work hard to elect Democrats! The 2018 elections in two of our local House Districts have given us hope that winning local elections is within our grasp, BUT we have to continue to work hard, expand our base, and have great candidates on the ballot who get lots of support from our party.

We also want to ensure that we have clearly defined our values and are committed to having the process by which we conduct ourselves be consistent with those values. One of the most important values we hold as a party is community. To that end, we will work hard to build meaningful connections as we join together to fight for our other values: social justice and equity.

Our party’s diversity is its biggest strength and we need the skills, talents, passions, and interests of each and every one of you. Much work is needed to ensure that Douglas County continues to be a safe community filled with opportunity for all of its residents. If you are interested in joining us, reach out and we will let you know where to go for monthly meetings so you can meet your like-minded neighbors!