Message From the Chair: This Is It!!

Maritza Carrera, Chair

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This Is It!!!

This is the time to commit, and to say YES! I will get involved, YES!  I will volunteer.  YES!  I will do the very best, and help out getting Democratic Candidates Elected!  Yes!  I will keep it Local, move, organize and work hard to win my precinct! 

Get involved, and join us on our “County Wide Lit Drop”.  Help us Distribute our beautiful door hangers, to your Democratic neighbors on our County-Wide Lit-Drop .  Commit and help us out for 3 hours on doing “Lit Drops”, the distribution of information about our Democratic Candidates to our voters.  Help us promote our candidates in your precinct, or help distribute them in a neighbor’s precinct.
Our County Wide Lit Drop will take place on Saturday September 22, 10AM to 1PM.  Meet us at our Headquarters 8484 S Valley Highway, 80112.

Please let us know if you can assist in any of these tasks: 

  1.  Can you provide us with a few hours a day/week and man our office?  We need volunteers to open our office doors and be at the office a few hours per week.  We’ll accommodate your schedule.
  2. Can you install two printers we have at our office?  
  1. Can you mail postcards promoting our candidates for us?   We will provide the postcards and list of Dems to mail to. 
  1. Can you help us with our phone bank which will start from mid-October to Election day? (Get Out The Vote (GOTV)) 
  1. Can you host a Voting Party in your House?  

 We thank every single one of you who volunteers, attends events, and is involved
We are successful only because of you!

Maritza Carrera

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