50s for the Office & Tens4Dems
The Douglas County Democratic Party is working hard to promote our Democratic Values throughout the county and the state, but we need your help!! 
In order to serve the county better, we have a centrally located office that everyone can access for information, election materials, and a place to meet with other democrats.
Your contribution of $50, either as a one time contribution or as a recurring contribution, will help us with rent and other expenses related to the office. Click here to make a contribution to our office fund and Thank you for your support!!

Tens4Dems is an easy way to give as little as $10.00 a month to the Douglas County Democratic Party.  Your contribution will help the Party with monthly expenses and operation costs.  By setting up a recurring contribution, you will be automatically donating each month.  It is that easy!! Thank you for your support!!! Click here to enroll today!