A subject that many of you have not heard about is public banking.  Elsewhere in the world, banks owned and operated by government are prominent entities that are financially sound and that can help finance projects in the public interest, such as infrastructure.  Such banks should not be involved in paying exorbitant salaries to CEOs and other officers or engaging in "gambling" and other abuses that we have seen with large private banks. Public banks can be very profitable, but the profits stay with the banks or go back to the government.  Currently the only state with a public bank is North Dakota.  For almost 100 years this bank has been a tremendous asset to that state and has been part of the reason that North Dakota is sound financially and is able to accomplish things that other states cannot. There are movements for public banking throughout the nation, including CO. Earl Staelin, who is an attorney, has been a major player in establishing the Rocky Mountain Public Banking Institute.  Earl spoke to our group early in 2015 and stimulated many of us to learn more about banking and the advantages of a public bank.  At our December meeting he will return to speak about public banking and to give us an update about efforts to create public banks in CO and elsewhere. Please join us to learn more about this important movement, which has been almost totally ignored by the media.

We will continue to have meetings of the Parker Democrats on the third Tuesday of each month and to have discussions of timely topics.  The January 2017 meeting will be on 1/17.  The current plan is to have a visit from Mike Hambrick, who is one of our CO representatives to the national Democratic organization (DNC.)  This will be an opportunity to hear what changes are underway nationally and for us, the grassroots, to have input regarding changes that we want to see in the Democratic Party.