Curtailing gun violence remains a challenge with no clear solution.  In the wake of the Aurora theater shootings, the Colorado Legislature passed some "common sense" measures, including background checks and a ban on high-capacity magazines.  Since then, the gun cult and its allies, which includes many Republicans, have been trying to reverse this legislation and to increase the number of guns in our society.  So far, they have not been successful in CO, thanks primarily to the Colorado House, which is controlled by the Democrats.  Colorado Ceasefire, an organization formed after the Columbine tragedy, has helped to educate the public about the issue of gun violence and to advocate for public policy measures that might control gun-related violence.  Eileen McCarron, a volunteer with Colorado Ceasefire, monitors legislation related to gun violence.  She will speak at our April meeting and bring us up to date about recently proposed legislation and what we might expect in the near future, both in CO and in Washington, D.C.