Now is the time for Democrats to start planning to win elections in 2018 and beyond. Potential candidates are already coming forward, so we can anticipate that politics will soon be very competitive and interesting. Winning elections, however, requires not only good candidates but also an intelligent strategy and a concerted effort of dedicated supporters. The Douglas County Democratic Party is extremely fortunate to have as it new First Vice Chairman Howard Chou, a person with experience in molding political campaigns. Howard's profession and passion is polling and market research, and he has used his expertise to assist a number of Democratic campaigns, including campaigns for President. Since new campaigns will be emerging in the next few months, it is important to consider now what is most important in a winning strategy. At our May meeting Howard will share some of his experience and insights with us. In upcoming elections it will be critical that precious resources be used to generate victories.

Carol Hedges from the Colorado Fiscal Institute at one of our upcoming meetings. Donna Smith from Progressive Democrats of Colorado will join us for the June meeting, on June 20. Please put this date on your calendar.