Prior to the critical mid-term election of 2018, there are local elections in most jurisdictions. In our county this is the election of 4 new members to the Board of Education of the Douglas County Schools. This election will provide an opportunity to change the direction of our public school system. Several months ago, we had a presentation at our monthly meeting from Douglas County Parents, an independent group of voters who support public education and who believe that the school board should be accountable to citizens. At that time we did not know the names of candidates who would support this agenda and who would reverse the attempts of the recent school board to privatize our public education system. There now is a group of "pro-public education" candidates: Anthony Graziano, Krista Holtzmann, Kevin Leung, and Chris Schor. At the next meeting of the Parker Democrats, these candidates will have an opportunity to introduce themselves and to tell us why they are running. The school board election is supposed to be "non-partisan," but in recent years the Republican Party has publicly supported a slate of candidates with a right-wing agenda. The Douglas County Democratic Party will not formally endorse any school board candidates.