Feeling frustrated with the election results, but not sure what to do? Want a refresher course on how American government and local politics operate? Look no further! These seminars will provide the background you need to know on how our country is run! Join us for the next five Wednesdays at the Douglas Dems Office at 8484 S Valley Highway from 6 to 8pm
January 11: Making the Constitution, And How It Works Today
In Making the Constitution, we will explore the background behind the Constitutional Convention of 1787, as well as how the constitution and law has evolved since. We will also look at the basic way the federal government operates, from legislation to the judiciary. 
January 18: The Presidency and Electoral College
In The Presidency, we will explore how the Presidency was first created, the precedents Washington set, and how Presidential power has expanded and changed since Lincoln. We will also explore the pros and cons of the Electoral College. 
January 25: Political Parties and Congress
Political Parties and Congress will focus on how the two party system emerged in America, and how it has evolved since Jefferson. We will also look more closely at how parties operate in Congress. 
February 1: Colorado and Its Government
In Colorado And Its Government, we will look at a brief history of Colorado, its constitution, and its government. 
February 8: The United States of US: Civil Rights
In The United States of US, we will look at the history of civil rights movements in America, and what made them successful or not so successful. 
Hosted by Nick Land, BA History (in progress)
With assistance from:
Kimberly Klimek, PhD 
Shelby Balik, PhD
Laresh Jayasanker, PhD
Kevin Rucker, PhD