Our Platform


Our 2016 platform represents the voice and beliefs of Democrats throughout Douglas County.

The Douglas County Democrats 2016 Platform was developed over 3 months and presented to the Colorado Democratic Party on 6/8/2016 . The platform addresses a wide range of issues and serves to inform our party members, delegates, elected officials, and the public at-large of the most current thinking of our grassroots membership.

Highlights of the DCDP 2016 Platform:
  • We believe that healthcare is a human right and we believe the best way to achieve a fiscally responsible health care system is through a public, federal, single payer system.
  • We believe that a high quality education is a fundamental human right. We support increasing funding for public education. Good and accessible public education is one of the main pillars of Democracy.
  • We believe that climate change is real. We believe that immediate action should be taken to combat global warming. We support America’s transition to a renewable, clean energy economy through increased production of all renewable energy sources.
  • We propose that an equitable and just immigration policy be adopted and applied for all immigrants, and civil rights for immigrants should be fully upheld.
  • We encourage the resettlement of properly vetted refugees into the United States without regard to their nationality, ethnicity, or religious affiliation.
  • We support diplomacy and economic sanctions in preference to military action.
  • We support comprehensive campaign finance reform.
  • We oppose attempts to discourage voting by anyone, for any reason. Voting should always be encouraged.
  • We favor more progressive tax rates, more equitable executive compensation, and such other policies that eventually produce a broader wealth distribution among Americans.
  • We support an assault weapons ban and universal background checks, without exceptions.
  • We believe in the preservation of a woman’s right to choose and the right of a woman to make her own healthcare decisions.