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County Officials:

County Commissioners:

Salary: $113,490, Serve a 4 Year Term
3 Commissioners: Each represents a specific district, but they are elected on a countywide basis. District 1 is up for Election in 2018.Some Duties:

  • is the primary policy making body in the county and is responsible for the county’s administrative and budgetary functions
  • Creating and implementing long-term policy for the growth and development of the county
  • Setting economic and budgetary policy, and managing and allocating county funds
  • Infrastructure construction, maintenance and repair
  • Establishing voter precincts


Salary: $87,300
1 County Assessor, 4 year term

  • Real estate appraisers meet state licensing requirements and that county assessors comply with the licensing requirements within two years after taking office.

Some Duties:

  • Assessing and appraising the value of real estate properties within the County, so that the tax burden can be fairly and equitably distributed.
  • The amount of taxes you pay is determined by a TAX RATE applied to your property’s ASSESSED VALUE.
  • A Complete reassessment of the county occurs every two years in odd-numbered years
  • The county assessor is responsible for discovering, listing, classifying, and valuing all property in the county in accordance with state laws.
  • . It is the assessor’s duty to determine the actual and taxable value of property.
  • lawsMost real property, such as residential and commercial property, is reassessed every odd-numbered year, and personal property is reassessed every year.

Clerk and Recorder:

Salary: $87,300
1 Clerk and Recorder, 4 year term
Some Duties:

  • Conducting elections within the county, counting ballots and publishing the results, certifying county elections on behalf of the state
  • Motor vehicle licensing, ID and Driver’s License registration
  • Recorder of property and legal documents in the county
  • Records deeds in the county and serves as the clerk to the board
  • Issuance of marriage licenses 


Salary: $87,300
1 Coroner, 4 year term
Some Duties:

  • Death pronunciation, establishing time of death and cause
  • Investigation of Scenes of death
  • Take custody of body from scenes of death
  • Positive identification of deceased
  • Notification of next of kin
  • Preparing Death certificates


Salary: $111,100
1 Sheriff, 4 year term
Some Duties:

  • Conducting criminal investigations
  • Managing and overseeing the operation and feed the prisoners  of the county jail
  • Patrolling unincorporated Douglas County and working with city police departments
  • Cooperation with fire departments
  • Issuance of fire warnings and amber alerts
  • Management of evacuations and emergency response
  • supporting the court system and the district attorney function
  • Responsible for maintaining the peace and enforcing the criminal laws of the state.
  • serve and execute processes, subpoenas, writs, and orders as directed by the court


Salary: $5,500
1 Surveyor, 4 year term
Only paid on as needed basis by county
Some duties:

  • Establishes and conducts surveys of land plats in Douglas County
  • Represents the county in boundary disputes
  • Examination and establishment of rights-of-way and land plat surveys before filing them with Recorder’s office
  • Establishes the boundaries of county property, including road rights-of-way, and supervises construction surveys that impact the county, and supervises construction surveys that impact the county

State law requires that county surveyors meet the requirements to qualify as a professional land surveyor and requires surveyors to file an official bond with the county clerk and recorder for the sum of $1,000


Salary: $87,300
1 Treasurer, 4 year term
Some duties:

  • Collections and assessment of taxes
  • Distribution of taxes to the appropriate lesser authorities and departments
  • Investment portfolio on behalf of the county.
  • Process abatement, sale of tax liens, monitoring bankruptcy proceedings.

State Officials:


State House District (HD):

 Must be a citizen of the United States
At least 25 years old
A resident of the district for at least 12 months before the election
Salary: $30,000 plus small per diem


  • Proposal of bills
  • Representation of county at state level

State Senate District (SD):

 Must be a citizen of the United States
At least 25 years old
A resident of the district for at least 12 months before the election
Salary: $30,000 plus small per diem


  • Proposal of bills
  • Representation of county at state level

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